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See If You Qualify

See If You Qualify For A Director Mortgage

Being a director is no bar to qualifying for a mortgage, but your individual circumstances can make a huge difference to the mortgage you can get and the mortgage rates available to you. If you are a director looking to buy a property, just complete our quiz below. 

We will evaluate your requirements and get back to you, we will let you know if you qualify. We will then be in touch to get you the best deal for your circumstances, we look forward to hearing from you.

By submitting this form to us,you are agreeing
to being contacted by Simply Lending Solutions for
the purposes of your mortgage application.

The result of this quiz is only an indication, and you should contact our experienced independent mortgage advisors to get an accurate quotation and mortgage offer. This will be based on your personal circumstances, credit history, affordability and the property upon which the mortgage is to be raised.