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About the Simply Lending Solutions Rotherham Mortgage Broker Team

Opened in 2019, the Simply Lending Solutions office in Rotherham has been set up to provide support for the rapidly growing demand for specialist mortgages and expert independent mortgage advice in the Rotherham area.

The Rotherham mortgage brokers have access to the whole of the market to source you the best possible mortgage for your circumstances. Providing local Rotherham mortgage services and also working across the UK, all our experienced brokers bring their expertise to bear whether dealing with you over the phone or in person.

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Our Specialist Mortgage Services in Rotherham

As well as offering independent access to the whole mortgage market for all services including second charge, we are proficient in dealing with unusual mortgage circumstances and applications; e.g. freelance work, or where proof of income is tied to other sources like limited company ownership, or bonus or dividend payments. We also specialise in unusual property type/construction mortgages.

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Simply Lending Solutions Rotherham mortgage advisers can help with all types of mortgages

Meet The Team

Liam Atkins
Managing Director
Having worked for 2 High Street banks as a Commercial Bank Manager, Liam has always been entrepreneurial and was unlikely to refuse the opportunity to create and grow a business with his friend Adam. He has overseen every function of the business and is committed to making the Simply group even more successful and recognised as the best in the industry.
In his spare time Liam will most likely be with his family, solving problems for someone or on his bike
Gareth Hutchings
Mortgage and Protection Adviser
The business is very proud of Gareth as he was one of the first to go from a junior to a fully fledged mortgage broker. He is a systems and process expert and can often be found helping the more experienced staff in between looking after his mortgage clients
Gareth loves his football, supporting and playing. He is not looking forward to washing his own kit now that he has left the family home.
I mainly dealt with Gareth who was amazing. Always available, super helpful and managed to get a straightforward deal for a loan amount and property that I thought would be much trickier.
Gareth had once again worked wonders for us. Professional and thorough with every step of the way explained clearly. We can’t thank him enough. This is the third time we’ve used Simply and we cannot rate Gareth and the company high enough
We will finally be moving into our dream home very soon. A special thank you to Jamie and Gareth for their hard work. 5 stars are not enough!
Jamie Lilley
Mortgage and Protection Adviser
Jamie has been with the team for many years now and has an excellent knowledge of the mortgage market. He is as popular with his clients as he is with his colleagues. His attention to detail always pleases his clients
Other than being a great family bloke Jamie can often be found singing karaoke, taking a bath in the local Rotherham canals or supporting his local football team
Quick & hassle free re mortgage from specialist lender to highstreet lender. Thank you Jamie for your help and knowledge in supporting us to get a better deal
100% professionals in the mortgage industry. Thank you soo much especially Jamie
We will finally be moving into our dream home very soon. A special thank you to Jamie and Gareth for their hard work. 5 stars are not enough!
Oliver Reece
Mortgage and Protection Adviser
Oliver is a bright individual with a great future ahead at Simply, he is already through the most difficult stages of his studies and the clients he talks to give us glowing feedback.
Olly has travelled large parts of the globe in his youth. He plays the guitar and has a very diverse taste in music
Shannon Squibb
Compliance Officer
A perfect example of how we like to encourage career development at Simply. Shannon joined the business helping out at the weekends and has since done most roles within the business with her latest role starting in 2020 working within our growing compliance function.
When not juggling her time with kids and family Shannon really enjoys stand up comedy (watching not performing).

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Home mover mortgage

Moving home appears in many surveys as one of the most stressful life experiences. Using an experienced and knowledgeable Rotherham mortgage broker will help take one of the most stressful aspects of the process away.

At Simply Lending Solutions we work with you and assess your circumstances; your existing credit history, income, outgoings and the equity in your current home versus the cost of the property you’re purchasing, to ensure that you’re matched to the right lender and deal. This means that we do the hard work for you and make your house move that little bit simpler.


Remortgaging has become ever more common, as customers get savvier about getting the best rate and moving away from high street lenders standard variable rates. However, not all deals are available on the high street and may not be applicable when any unusual or specialist personal circumstances are taken into account.

We work a little differently, offering professional mortgage advice in Rotherham and reviewing the pros and cons of each deal; as an example, the fees and setup cost of some mortgages mean they are actually more expensive than their great headline rate makes them look.

Our experienced brokers will ensure that you’re aware of any costs you may incur, such as fees, early repayment charges. We’ll compare all these elements across the market to find the ideal mortgage for your circumstances.

First time buyer mortgage

When you’re buying your first home you want someone experienced and knowledge to have your back. You also need a broker who is independent and has access to the whole UK mortgage market.

The Rotherham-based mortgage broker team at Simply Lending Solutions are experienced in helping you on the steps to owning your first home, with no fees for our initial advice and help, you only pay when you’re ready to proceed and have an actual offer in place. We have access to the whole market and work in many specialist areas too, meaning it’s well worth talking to us to find out how we can help you.

Buy-to-let mortgages

When you’re planning to become a landlord, essentially buying a property to let out for profit, it’s important to find the best mortgage for your circumstances to maximise your return on investment.

The lending criteria works quite differently for buy to let mortgages compared to residential home buyer mortgages. Lenders want to see that your rental income covers the cost of repaying the interest on the loan and that your personal circumstances are considered. This means that your income has a big bearing, a higher rate tax payer will have to have either, a larger deposit or higher rental income, to offset the percentage rate of tax paid being larger.

The Simply Lending Solutions Rotherham mortgage broker team’s familiarity with the processes and the buy to let mortgage market means we can work with you and help with the whole process. Working to get the best mortgage for your needs and ensuring that the deposit and income from the property you’re planning to buy fits the lender’s requirements.

Mortgages can be confusing. Contact our experts to discuss your situation.

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Second charge mortgages

Second charge mortgage are basically a second mortgage. They use equity you have in your property, the difference between its value and the existing mortgage, as security against a second mortgage loan. While affordability will still be considered as part of the application process, a substantial part of the approval process is based on the equity in the property.

In some circumstances this can be a better way of raising equity and be preferable to remortgaging entirely. The Simply Lending Solutions team are fully qualified to advise you on second charge mortgages and will take you through your options, to get the most appropriate mortgage for your circumstances.

Right to Buy Mortgages

The government backed Right to Buy scheme is designed to help public sector renting tenants buy their current home. In order to qualify for the Right to Buy scheme, you need to have been a tenant for at least three years, with a full eligibility guide on

With considerable Right to Buy experience, Simply Lending Solutions mortgage brokers in Rotherham understand the challenges you may face. We work with a number of lenders and can help you find a suitable mortgage for your circumstances.

Shared ownership mortgages

There are many shared ownership schemes run by local authorities and housing associations around the county, including some for key workers in certain industries. These schemes let you buy a percentage share of a property, paying rent on the outstanding share, allowing those with smaller deposits and incomes get a foothold on the property market.

Although similar to a first-time buyers mortgage scenario, there are often specific requirements depending on the scheme and the mortgage lender in terms of eligibility. Simply Lending Solutions Rotherham team work with the whole of the market, enabling you to get access to the best range of lenders who will consider your shared ownership mortgage application.

Rotherham Office Location

The Rotherham Office, the South Yorkshire base of our UK team of fully trained, qualified and experienced brokers, is at:

Simply Lending Solutions Ltd
Suite 1
Linden House
34 Moorgate Road
South Yorkshire
S60 2AG

Telephone: 01709 917446

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